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The Real Estate Brokerage in Washington Pamphlet provides general information about real estate brokerage and summarizes the laws related to real estate brokerage relationships. It describes a real estate broker’s duties to the seller/landlord and buyer/tenant.
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The Commercial Brokers Association (CBA) is a member owned cooperative which has provided commercial multiple listing services to its 4000+ commercial real estate agents.


CCIMRecognized for its preeminence within the industry, The CCIM curriculum represents the core knowledge expected of commercial investment practitioners, regardless of the diversity of specializations within the industry.



SIOR has certified almost 2,700 of its members with the prestigious SIOR designation, a professional symbol of the highest level of knowledge, production, and ethics in the real estate industry.



We here at Learned Commercial Inc have been uniquely blessed and because of this, we feel it a priviledge to Give back to our community. "Give It Up" is a casual encouragement to friends and community members to join us in Giving Up a little time, talent and hard earned dollars, to support our community in places of need and interest. So we invite you to join us in this effort and "Give It Up" for our community! Here is where the Learned’s "Give It Up" ...